The Membership

Assessment  >>  FUNDAMENTALS >>  Hybrid Membership

Everyone must go through our Intake Process (Assessment & Fundamentals), and then progressing to our unique Hybrid membership scheme. 


Intake Process package @ Rp 2.500.000

  • 1x Assessment
  • 5x Fundamentals 

Hybrid Membership, starting from Rp 1.437.500/month

  • Unlimited Group Class access
  • Periodic private checkpoints with your coach




assessment (1 PRIVATE Session)

The main objective of the initial assessment phase, is to really understand about each other. We will conduct specific activities to get an idea of your current condition before we even start prescribing you a solution.

Ultimately, we know for a fact that everyone is unique, and have different needs, and the assessment phase aims to identify these specific needs.

The assessment is divided into three parts:

  1. Movement assessment: To conduct an appraisal of functional movement literacy  before we even start to look at your physical fitness or performance

  2. Fitness assessment: To evaluate your current level of physical fitness and establish a baseline for future reference of progress

  3. Foundational improvement consultation: To assess and clarify your goals, and then to provide you with a strategy to achieve your goals while improving on the results we have discovered through the movement and fitness assessments

And even just as important, we will also learn a lot about each other, and find out whether we would be a good match for each other. Meaning that you are comfortable with our methods, and that we are also compatible with you as our client.


Based on your needs, and the results of your assessment, we will start your personalized program training.

This program is designed to become the foundation for your pursuit of sustainable long term health and fitness.

Our role here is to assist and guide you in making a lifestyle change, a change that you’ve always wanted and needed but haven’t really been able to do so because you never had proper guidance.

During and after completion of the program means:

  • You will truly understand our concept of a Great Life!

  • You will become well immersed in the #KemangTribe’s culture and community.

  • You will learn and apply a well balanced diet that is unique to your body and goals.

  • You will also know how we use the equipment we have at the gym, and of course the names of the movements.

  • You can move well with proper mechanics, safely and efficiently.

We can go on and on about the program, but the best way to really learn about it is by talking to us in person and see for yourself. Click here to book an appointment for your #FirstDayAtTheEquator!



From Rp 1.437.500/month

Once you’ve completed the INTAKE PROCESS you will progress to the EQUATOR HYBRID membership program.

You will experience the fun, supportive, and positively competitive environment of a group class setting, combined with the personal touch of personal training. 

Here's what you get with the Hybrid membership:


GROUP CLASS (unlimited access to classes)

You will be a part of a community that actually wants you to be there with them, sharing personal and collective achievements in health, fitness, and personal endeavours. 



Your coach will always be there for you, providing you with all the essential skills to help you achieve all your fitness goals.


Nothing good comes easy
— N.N.


The diagram above illustrates the 3 main phases of membership at Equator Life, and how they relate to your accountability and the fees involved:

  1. Child Phase (the first 6-8 weeks) : This is during the Intake Process (Assessment & Fundamentals). You are relatively new in your journey, therefore your accountability is still low, you still need a lot of guidance to navigate your way through how we do things at Equator. 
  2. Teenager Phase (the first 6-12 months) : You've graduated from our Fundamentals, you're pumped, and ready to go! You've found a new level of fitness you've never felt before. Eager to try new things. Therefore we will still need to maintain guidance so you don't lose your way. 
  3. Adult Phase (9 months onwards) : You've gained experience, you're well aware of what to do, and what not to do. You're fully accountable, showing consistency and continuous improvement. We will still need to have checkpoints every now and then to update each other. 

This fees structure aims to reward you for your discipline, commitment, and consistency. 

Simply said, you gotta put in the work before you get the reward... :) 


*Note: Payments can be made with Cash and Card (installments/cicilan also available)



DE-HAIR (website)

Members get 30% discount on single and package prices, T&C:

  1. Valid for Laser Hair Removal treatment, Venus Freeze, and Photofacial
  2. Additional 5% discount applies for De-Hair members, and refer-a-friend discounts
  3. Not valid for Whitening Treatment.
  4. Cannot be combined with regular and special promos



Members get 10% discount for physiotherapy and post-exercise recovery program. 


CHICLICIOUS (click here)

Members get special rates for catering packages.