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Frequently Asked Questions


The diagram below shows how we welcome new members to the tribe.

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Fitness gets you to more places in life.

And life is a journey, a journey that begins exactly where you are!

What is the #EquatorAssessment program all about? Do we have to do it?

The main objective of the initial assessment phase, is to really understand about each other. We will conduct specific activities to get an idea of your current condition before we even start prescribing you a solution.

Ultimately, we know for a fact that everyone is unique, and have different needs, and the assessment phase aims to identify these specific needs.

The assessment is divided into three parts:

  1. Movement assessment: To conduct an appraisal of functional movement literacy  before we even start to look at your physical fitness or performance

  2. Fitness assessment: To evaluate your current level of physical fitness and establish a baseline for future reference of progress

  3. Foundational improvement consultation: To assess and clarify your goals, and then to provide you with a strategy to achieve your goals while improving on the results we have discovered through the movement and fitness assessments

And even just as important, we will also learn a lot about each other, and find out whether we would be a good match for each other. Meaning that you are comfortable with our methods, and that we are also compatible with you as our client.

Yes, everyone must go through the #EquatorAssessment!

What is the #EquatorFundamentals program all about?

This program is more than just learning good technique and mechanics in the gym, it’s designed to become the foundation for your pursuit of sustainable long term health and fitness.

Our role here is to assist and guide you in making a lifestyle change, a change that you’ve always wanted and needed but haven’t really been able to do so because you never had proper guidance.

During and after completion of the program means:

  • You will truly understand our concept of a Great Life!

  • You will become well immersed in the #KemangTribe’s culture and community.

  • You will learn and apply a well balanced diet that is unique to your body and goals.

  • You will also know how we use the equipment we have at the gym, and of course the names of the movements.

  • You can move well with proper mechanics, safely and efficiently.

We can go on and on about the program, but the best way to really learn about it is by talking to us in person and see for yourself. Click here to book an appointment for your #FirstDayAtTheEquator!

Do we have to go through Fundamentals? Why?

YES! Everyone must go through our standard intake process. 

We believe that everyone has something they can work on in terms of helping their pursuit of long term sustainable health & fitness. 

Therefore, we have a sacred duty to truly help you tackle all the aspects related to sustaining health & fitness for as long as humanly possible.

So please don’t ask us to let you skip #EquatorFundamentals!

Why are 1-ON-1 Training classes required?

Because no human being is exactly alike.

Not even identical twins.

The only way to reach optimum results, is through a personalized experience, an experience where the Coach is fully focused on YOU, and only you.

Only through these 1-on-1 training sessions will the Coach can fully understand how to provide you with a strong platform for growth, for long term success.

Can we do Drop-Ins?

Yes, but only for:

  • Those who have been through our #EquatorFundamentals program

  • A visiting CrossFitter that has done CrossFit for more than 6 months (please have your coach back home email us a description on your current progress/concerns in terms of Strength, Technique, and Mobility so we can get to know you better through the person that has witnessed your fitness development)

  • Drop-ins are limited to 5 sessions within a 1 month period. More than this, you will have to go through our standard intake process and become a regular member of the tribe. 

  • Drop-in fee is IDR 250.000 per class, and must be paid before joining classes. 

Why do you do it this way?

Because we want to ensure that our members get the best experience out of their time in the class. And this can only be achieved when the class is filled with athletes that the Coach knows a great deal about.

Why are you a "School of Fitness"?

Because at Equator, we teach fitness in such a way that it becomes embedded in you, and you can apply the skills and knowledge you’ve learned with us at almost every application possible.

Workouts are “infinitely scalable”. What does scalable even mean?

We focus on mastering the progressions.

Okay now what does progressions even mean??

Let’s use an analogy, take humans for example.

We didn’t become fluent at running soon as we were born, right? As babies, we learned how to roll our bodies, and then we learned how to crawl. After that, we slowly learned how to walk. Once we got stronger, we could walk faster and with better balance. And then in time, we finally could run!

And run faster and faster we did!

So with every movement we do in the workouts, we first teach you the progressions, from the simplest to the more complicated versions of the movement, all the while providing the same stimulus towards improving your overall fitness.

So, once you’ve mastered a specific movement, we can show you how to scale it up to the more demanding version. And vice versa, if you can’t do a specific movement, due to limitations in either Strength/Technique/Mobility, then we can opt to do a more simple and less demanding movement.

And there are so many progressions and modification to any movement, and this is why we say it is “infinitely scalable”!

How long will I be able to achieve my goals?

It all depends on your goal.

This is why it is so crucial to start with the #EquatorAssessment, so we can really identify what your goals are, and then help create a path to achieve them while still maintaining a well balanced life.

Commitment is key, commitment is tough!

I think it’s safe to say that we as humans have a natural tendency to be distracted too easily.

And this is where your #Coach4Life comes into crucial play! Your Coach will help you be more accountable, more committed, and therefore increase the chances of you actually achieving your goals!

How do I get started?

Tighten your shoe laces, click the link below, and we'll get in touch with you!