Equator Essentials

At Equator, we believe there are 4 elements that play a key role in helping us lead a great life. 

Here's a quick description of the Equator Essentials.

Your journey will focus on all 4 elements, in order to truly achieve sustainable results. 

401 Eat.jpg
402 Move.JPG


Yes, this comes first! For you are what you eat. Good nutrition provides a strong metabolism for us to function properly, hence being able to enjoy life. 


Get moving.. It doesn't have to be complicated, just dedicate a good portion of your day to move, mobilise, get them blood flowing. 


403 Rest.jpg
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Recovery is key. You can't expect sustainability if you don't focus on recovery. When we rest, our system resets and provides you with all the necessities for growth and maintenance. Sleep!!


Connect... Friends, family, nature, or whatever you choose. Simply find a connection, a relationship, make your lives more meaningful, purposeful. Be useful for someone/thing!