A Message to Masters

Hello Tribe!

It's been a while since our last post, and we're finally back. 

Here's a great quote from an inspirational gentleman. Something we can truly relate to. 

It is for everyone and anyone... as long as we trust the process, and enjoy the journey, the benefit is limitless... 


... My fellow masters, please listen to your kids. There is a new world waiting for us. Trade in that armor. The golden hue we once enjoyed in the past has turned into a tarnished patina. When we listen, improvements happen quickly.

As parents, we have a responsibility, a standard to set. We must grasp the dynamics of trust between us and our children—especially our children engaged in CrossFit. We earned their trust with hard work, selflessness and love; they earned our trust with hard work, loyalty and love. These dynamics have a purpose for us: They will ensure independence in our last third of life ...


~ Mike Suhadolnik ~

Read the full article at the CrossFit Journal (link)