How Much and How Often YOU should Eat?

During your Fundamentals session, I’m sure your coaches have shown you the “Paleo (Upside Down) Pyramid” that shows how you should eat for health, physique and fitness performance. The largest part of the pyramid shows “Meat and Vegetables”. If you have been an athlete committed to losing weight, getting a six pack, looking good, being healthier and better performance, I am sure that your meals often look like this:

Eat Meat and Vegetables!

Eat Meat and Vegetables!

Well whether you have started your new eating lifestyle or not, I am sure you will start it as soon as you find out WHY you have your current eating habits.

I want to use this opportunity to help you get started with your transformation. Most of us eat and most probably like meats and/or vegetables, but most often than not, we are eating them separately, one more than the other or with other “stuff” that is making our love handles grow thicker. You know what they are =)

So let’s break it down …

According to Thrivestry, this is how much vegetables and meat we should eat. Focus should be on vegetables first, then meats, followed by healthy fats, some fruit and little starch.

The reason why Vegetables is on the largest part of the upside down pyramid is because vegetables are the easiest food for digestion and it grows from the earth. Possibly the most natural food product that you can eat.

Then the next food source will be meats because it is the greatest source of protein and protein is what we need for muscle recovery and growth. And muscles is what we need to function in our daily activity, moreover fitness performance. I would say that everything below the meat section would be used as a snack, to help supplement our hunger in between meals and help improve our muscle functions.

Things we should avoid are the ones that will negate the work that we do. Sugar, alcohol and grains are probably the most unnatural products that you should put in your body. Instead of me telling you how they are bad for you, I want you to compare putting in a natural food product like tomatoes that grows from a seed on the ground, to a hard shelled processed product like wheat grains to your body. Consider what it looks like and imagine how your body would react to it.

How Much Meat and Vegetables Should You Eat every day?

Meat: 20% of your meal
Vegetables: 60% of your meal
Fat / Fruits / Starch: 20% from snacks

How Often Should you Eat Meat and Vegetables Every Day?

Breakfast: Meat or eggs. Start your day with a good strong meal!
Lunch: Vegetables and Meat. Maintain your mid-day energy with a clean meal
Snack: Nuts or Fruits to eliminate your hunger. Eat meat here more muscle gain.
Dinner: Vegetables and Meat. If dinner is your meal after the workout, then eat more meat for muscle recovery. But you want to consider dinner as your meal to “close” the day. So eat to ramp down your day so you will have restful sleep.

Good luck and remember that when it comes to changing your eating lifestyle, it’s about finding good clean natural resources. It may be more expensive, a little hard to find, but your body will thank you.

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