Overhead Squat FIRST … then Squat Snatch!

We got some snatchin’ happenin’ in today’s menu. If you haven’t heard of the snatch, you will love’em when you get’em. If you are still working on the snatch, this will be your chance to master them.

How do you master the Squat Snatch?

Work on your overhead squats!

Seems counter productive? Not at all! The snatch is an olympic lifting movement where you bring a barbell from the ground to overhead in ONE quick movement. It is the fastest lift in weightlifting. Done right, it will improve not only your strength, but also your speed, agility, coordination, flexibility and balance. Done wrong, it will give you a shoulder pain that is a pain in the neck (figuratively and literally speaking =))

The quickest way to make sure you don’t hurt your shoulders doing the snatch is to make sure that your shoulder is ready for such speed and weight overhead. You ensure that with … the Overhead Squat.

So watch this video above, and ask your coach to show you in class as part of warm up (ask before class starts, not in the middle of the workout please), and if you are having some balance issues like Cassidy, check yourself into Overhead Squat Therapy … you will not regret it.