What kind of CrossFit Open Athlete are YOU?

A while back, my coach that recruited me to CrossFit posted on a Facebook post about the different type of CrossFit Open athletes. If I remembered correctly, these were the different types:

  1. The one that do it once and be happy with your score

  2. The ones that looked at every single tip, strategy video to find out how everyone did it and then do it in the last minute

  3. The one that waited until everyone submitted their score, and then do the workout to try to beat it

  4. The one that does it once, waits for everyone’s scores and then do it again if you got beaten

  5. The one that tried it Rx and Scaled and try to figure out which one they want to submit

Now if you don’t know what the CrossFit Open is all about, go here.

Do you see yourself in any of the categories above? Whether you are one of them, or you are a breed of your own, be sure you have FUN doing the workout.

If you ARE having fun doing the workout, consider this question:

Why are you doing the CrossFit Open?

If you are part of the Intramurals to support the box, then you are doing it for the community. Thank you for being part of the community and in supporting each other.

As we move forward as a community, it is important for each of us to have our own “driving force” to perform each workout. The driving force brings you to the end goal, the person you want to be, the health you want to be in, and the performance you want to output.

I am doing the CrossFit Open to be better than last year.

That is why I am doing the Open.

If you are new to CrossFit, and to the Equator School of Fitness, then perhaps this is your first year. As your first year, it should also be fresh in your memory, the goal setting session that you had with your coach. What was the reason behind your initial “First Day at the Equator” and the “Unstoppable” graduation workout that you did in order to progress to group classes.

The CrossFit Open is often exaggerated and blown up, especially in social media.

But in truth, the CrossFit Open is just 5 different workouts.

If you have been training consistently to qualify for Regionals (the next step after the CrossFit Open) then your goal is clear. But if you are not … I ask you to try to see it as it is.

The CrossFit Open is 5 different workouts published by the CrossFit Games officials as a Celebration to the Sport of Fitness and for the CrossFit Community.

It is a gift and a campaign from Dave Castro (the director of the CrossFit Games).

Unless if you are trying to be the top 48 of the Pacific Region, you have the option to do it. Or you can NOT do it. You can do it Rx, Scaled or in your own progression. You can video tape it, or you can do it in the dark. You can do it at the box, you can do it at a globo gym, or you can do it in your own garage. You can do it anyhow, anywhere with anyone you like.

Again, unless you are trying to get to Regionals … you don’t even need a judge.

What you need is ... your coach.

What you need for the CrossFit Open is ... a 1-1 session with your coach to discuss how you will perform the 5 workouts

Rather than scrambling around to get a judge and a tripod to videotape yourself, I would suggest that you schedule a 1-1 session with your coach to discuss HOW you are going to attack the Open workout based on your current performance and progression. This way you will achieve the correct training stimulus (energy level), move properly, have the right weight / progression, finish injury free and have MORE FUN.

The CrossFit Games Open’s goals may be to find the Fittest Man and Woman on Earth, but it doesn’t have to be YOUR GOAL.

My goal is to be the best version of myself. What’s yours?

Leave a comment below and let us know what is your goal in joining the CrossFit Open.

This is an Unstoppable blog post by Brian Pandji. Brian is the Founder of CrossFit Equator and Godfather of CrossFit in Indonesia. As a CrossFitter, his fitness goal for 2017 is to complete 300 workouts by the end of the year by eliminating excuses and mastering the fundamentals of functional movements. Follow his journey @train300days on Instagram. As a husband and a father of 1, he thrives to embrace the balancing act between work, relationships and self mastery. Please direct any comments or questions you may have to brianpand@gmail.com