Positive Self-Talk

In CrossFit WODs, because of its intensity, we are often put into a series of movements, in high/low reps with or without weight but definitely under a lot of pressure, mostly under the pressure of time or max reps. 

A lot of things may happen in the middle of this intense workout. Usually these are the common things:

  • you sweat profusely
  • your heart is pumping out of your chest
  • you are losing your breath
  • your muscles (one or all) are fatigued
  • you want to quit ...

Look through that list again and point out the one that is created by your mind ... the last one! You guessed it right ... the last one ... I want to quit!! 

Now what if I told you that NONE of the things listed above is REAL. The only thing that is real is what is in your mind. Your mind does not like to be under stress, so it tells you that you are in pain and you have to quit. And then it starts giving you mighty excuses like, "Why are you doing this to yourself?", or "When is this going to end?" and "Maybe I should just quit right now..."

I'm sure you have heard this in your head before.

Now what if I told you that you can change your mind. Or your mindset. And by changing your mindset, you will NOT feel the pain and suffering on your body. 

That must be amazing. 

How do do you do it? Positive self-talk.


At CrossFit Equator, we have a "Mindset" or a "Context" attached to every single workout. The context are "Practice", "Competition" and "Mental Toughness". Today we are working on your "Competition" mindset.

Which means, you gotta push and you gotta work on your positive self-talk so you can push harder, move faster, rest less and progress. Don't be afraid, but be courageous. Be Brave. Be Unstoppable. When you are doing those snatches, or the rows/runs, tell yourself, "I Got This!" and "I Can Do this!" and remind yourself that anything is possible.

See you in class!