The 3 Mindset You Need To Train

In CrossFit Equator programming, we start every workout with the concept of a "Mindset". The Mindset  we would like our athletes to experience during a Group class session is any of the following:

  • Practice
  • Competition
  • Mental Toughness

The idea of having this mindset before we start any workout activity is to get you to learn from a workout. With this concept, you may experience one workout in three different ways. And it's all just a matter of how you look at it.  

For example: 

  • During a "Practice" mindset workout, you will choose lighter weights and focus on your technique. You may be stopped by your coach to look at a better position before starting your next rep
  • During a "Competition" mindset workout, you are challenged to perform good movements under pressure. Meaning, the programmed workout will create a rep scheme and a time domain that will push you to work faster under heavier load or a more technical movement. Your job is to continue to focus on technique.  
  • During a "Mental Toughness" mindset workout, the idea is for you to hit the wall and push it beyond what you think you can do. Within safe boundaries of course. The programmed workout will utilize movements that requires grit, such as strict pull ups, or burpees which are tough and may not "feel good", but will very much build the resiliency in your character

Every Sunday, we will post an article or a video here to help you understand more about these different mindset / contexts. And your job is to apply it the next time you are in class.  

Here's a practice mindset that I like to watch and share with people because it teaches us the importance of "Practice" when mastering the Fundamentals. Have a beautiful Sunday!