Equator Basic Movements

These are the 5 movements that become the base to all our movements as humans.

From your grandma, to that toddler next door. This is how we move!

01 Loaded Carry.jpg


Walking, running, carrying loads. These are easily the most basic movement for humans. Our bodyweight becomes the load, and we move, for years and years. 

02 Squat.jpg


Squat down, stand back up, repeat. Simple as that. Proper technique however will go a long way to keep our joints in good condition for many years to come. 

03 Hinge.jpg


The hinging of the hips, enable us to reach for something on the floor, and pick it up. And so much more!

04 Pull.jpg


Grab something, make it closer to your body, or make your body closer to it. Get over here!

05 Push.jpg


Grab another thing, make it further away from your body, or make your body further away from it, how ever you wanna see it. Push it, baby!

Watch this video to see the 5 movements in action, demonstrated by our very own #EquatorMom, Santi. She's 62 years young and actively trains with the Equator methodology.